Turtles belong to the class of reptiles; what makes the difference from others is the shell, absent in other reptiles. The external shell is known as the carapace, while the interior is known as the plastron. The different species of turtles may be identified by the shape and color of their plastron and carapace. Some species are even characterized by a soft carapace.

The most common species are: the African Spurred tortoise (Geochelone Sulcata), the spotted turtle (Clemmys guttata), the wood tortoise (Clemmys insculpta), the green turtle(Chelonia) the Blunding’s turtle ( Emydoidea Blundigii), Trachemys s. elegance (red-eared slider) and the diamondback terrapin (Malaklemys terrapin).

Geocleone sulcata, also known as the African…

Source by Dalvin Rumsey