The issues concerning the Birds in the Bible are:1) The Birds are Detestable and intolerable, 2) The Purification of man is achieved by the Birds’ blood, 3) Sparrow and swallow are symbols of the curse, 4) A new method for Education is to ask the birds, 5) Do not revile the king even in your thoughts, or curse the rich in your bedroom” because the birds are spying out on you, and 6) The Birds have four legs, a statement that contradicts with the science.

The issues concerning the Birds in the Quran are: 1)What are the Birds, 2)The Birds and the Famous Prophets (Abraham, Joseph, David, Solomon and the Lord Jesus), 3) The Birds beat a Christian Army, 4) The Birds and the unbelievers and 5)The Birds and the believers in the afterlife.

Source by Prof.dr. Ibrahim Khalil