Superworm farm. Separating hatchlings from dung + possible mold problem?

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I need some more tips on how to sort and manage a superworm farm.

I have a glass fiber mesh at the bottom of my beetle tank, so I just take the egg tray out of the tank (95% of the beetles follow automatically) and sieve out the eggs / hatchlings down into the tank below.

The problem is that the beetle turds follow each time I do this, and so I end up with a literal crapload of dung in the hatchling tank, and the worms won’t get big enough to get caught by a regular kitchen sieve for several weeks still.

What’s the best way of separating the worms from the dung at this point?

Another issue I’m having is that the wet / plant food I’m giving them tend to start growing fungi / different types of mold if I leave it for more than a day. I know that many spores still remain in the oatmeal, but if I sieve out the worms, the dung and smaller fragments of oatmeal will still follow, and there are no doubt spores in that as well.

What would you do in my situation? Is it safe to leave the worms with the old oatmeal as long as it’s dry, or should I change it?


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