Ms. Neeru Jain (Asstt. Professor of Jewellery Designing)

        Magic of Natural Motif:  

Whenever we plan to design any art we need some motifs. What it motif is?  The motif can be an idea, an object, a place, or a statement, or we can say a motif differs from a theme, in that a theme is an idea set forth by a text, where a motif is a recurring element which symbolizes that idea. The motif can also be more like the central idea behind the theme, such as courage or loyalty.

So Motif mean a design that consists of recurring shapes or colors, a theme that is elaborated on in a piece of music &  a unifying idea that is a recurrent element in a literary or artistic work

Motif have played an important role in the designing of…

Source by Neeru jain