Increasing nutritional value through feeding? (plus a couple other questions)

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I’ve read that insects are very efficient at maintaining the nutrients of what they eat. So if you give nutrient rich food to your bugs, then they will also provide more nutrients when eaten. I’m just curious how big a deal this plays. I’ve heard that dandelion leaves and roots have a lot of good nutrients for humans, but if I feed them to my superworms, will the worms contain the same nutrients when eaten?

If you have superworms or mealworms, what type of food do you usually feed them? I give mine Kale occasionally, as they consume it extremely fast. Cucumber and broccoli stalk is also a favorite (the wet center of the cucumber I remove and give to the superworm beetles instead) Haven’t tried regular cabbage yet. Anyone tried that?

PS1: I’ve taken to use water crystal beads in both my beetle and worm tanks as both seem to take use of them despite other wet foods being provided (I’ve made some custom containers for them with a 3D printer pen to avoid them soaking the substrate) but I don’t know if there are any downsides to this, or if adding too much of the polymer to their digestive system can cause health issues or make them less fit for human consumption. Anyone has some info on this?

PS2: How often should I add new superworms to my farm? The first 2’nd generation superworm has already pupated and will join the other beetles in the breeder tank once it emerges. There’s a possibility it will breed with one of its parents. Is this something I want to avoid, or is it safe for now? I’ve already bought some 20-ish superworms from the pet store and are in the process of getting them ready to pupate in order to get some new genes into the pool. How often would I need to do this in order to avoid them dying off through inbreeding? Or is this even enough to avoid it?


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