When the sunny weather comes around, it is primetime for bees to start buzzing.   Many people wonder; what type of bee is it? Will it sting me? Are they just a nuisance or can they harm my home?  This article will describe the common bees/ wasps you will most likely see in the Northeast.

Carpenter bees: Carpenter bees are the pests you have to worry about destroying your home.  This type of bee is ½ to 1″ in length that had a black body with yellow hair, two wings and six legs.  Carpenter bees are attractive to moist wood.  Carpenter bees will drill out wood, not eating it, and nest there.  You will see saw dust where there is activity and if not treated, there can be a lot of damage to a home.

Yellowjackets: Yellowjackets are…

Source by JP McHale Pest Management