You wake up one morning and still groggy, you get down from your bed and walk towards that small window in your room and as soon as you open the window, you are engulfed with the sweet smell of the rain because monsoon has finally arrived to give you a relief from the literal ‘One-more-degree-increase-in-the-temperature-and-I-would-die’ phase. You immediately rush to the washroom, brush your teeth in a jiffy and rush down the stairs and… ‘MUMMA, MAA, MOM, MOTHER, finally monsoons can we have pakodas and papads and tea for breakfast and can you make paalak paneer for lunch and yes ask bhaiya to get samosa for evening tea and we can have fried fish with rice for dinner and gulaab jamun after dinner?’


Yummy aren’t these? But, the…

Source by Shagun Sharma